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Dear Delegates,
The Secretaries-General, Somin Lee, Dongjun Lee, and Yunbin Cho, are proud to welcome you to the 15th iteration of CheongShim International Academy Model United Nations (CSIAMUN). 
Since its initiation, the students involved in organizing CSIAMUN devoted themselves to providing middle and high school students nationwide with the best MUN experience. We had some setbacks for the last couple of years due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, our dedication prevailed, adjusting the conference setting online. Fortunately, we are looking to host this iteration of CSIAMUN live and in person. The secretariats, staff, designing department, and chairs have worked tirelessly to make this iteration a success. We hope delegates take the most out of the conference and grow as future innovators of the world.  
In accordance with Cheongshim's ACG curriculum, we hope delegates will become able to embody altruism, creative knowledge, and global leadership as any international leader would after they have gone through all the sessions. But no need to worry–the chairs and staff will assist delegates during sessions as much as possible. 
We are so proud to have the chance to continue the tradition of CSIAMUN. See you all soon!
Yours truly,
Somin Lee, Dongjun Lee, and Yunbin Cho

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